Eric Huebsch is CockanDoodle


Although the sponge is often overlooked when people try to imagine themselves as animals, I feel the sponge functions in a way that I try to embody. My “spirit animal” is constantly absorbing, filtering, releasing and that is how the sponge survives and as an artist I am doing the same. I strive to be in tune with my immediate and greater surroundings and attempt to process the smorgasbord of stimuli humans are confronted with. In my practice, there are several themes that I have continued to explore. Our environment and how humans and animals interact between our fabricated artifice and nature. The absurdities of our daily existence and the extremes of human desire. Our insatiable appetite and the need for humans to swing between fantasy and reality to validate our complicated lives. Unlike the sponge, I digest this information and that forces my nerves to react. The world is not a perfect place and that fuels my utopian desire to create artwork. Life is rich and bountiful; there is more than enough food for thought. I am digesting these delectable morsels and regurgitating them back to the world for the public to hopefully notice and absorb.